About Online Store

Welcome all our fans to our new renovation online store!!

We hope that this new version of the website will provide our fans much more comfort in surfing information and ordering the products.

The Online Line Store aims to serve all our Breeder Care™ Fans Worldwide the easiest and fastest way of the order because we do understand that for the other that never yet has a chance to witness with all these grooming weapons, they might look like the elastic items and not really need the rush and quick. However, once you have a chance to prove and witness these grooming weapons on our little furry kids here and there already... All the Breeder Care™ Brand Products are becoming INELASTIC at once, and we also don't want all the little furry kids here and there must step back to something less than our standard grooming result by using the competitive economy choice especially all our Professional Breeders & Exhibitors around the world that may on the serious show campaign season at the moment.

So if you have face off with any incident or something obstruct you from the ordering or surfing the website & online store here please feel free to let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Affiliate Reseller Program is under developing, and we do hope that all the system will be launched in the coming future.
  • We are extremely advised to get the stock from our official representative in your country because sometime the parcel may take a little delay on the logistic due to any season holiday or policy on each country. It will simply about the same cost and you can get more advice from a real discussion from our official representative in the usage detail. Please let us know if you have any difficulties contact our official representative in your coverage area
  • Retailing Shipping & Handling Fees are the shipping cost + handling service at the departure side only.
  • Customs, Importing Tax, and Etc. cost at end local destination is not included on the listed price, please learn about your country policy in handling the international parcel from Thailand from your local post office, or Shipping Agency for more information.

It was our pleasure to take care all of our Breeder Care™ Fans Worldwide. Enjoy your Surfing & Shopping!!

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