Brand Ethics

Brand Ethics

As a result of Breeder Care’s worldwide branding success, many of our fans who have witnessed our amazing super results have all expressed their love and trust in the Breeder Care™ Brand. Many people have discovered our very unique grooming theory and our high ethical practice. Now we would like to pass all our knowledge to our fans around the world.

We believe that all our fans around world will find some new exciting experiences in every grooming session which always creates miraculous results to help our fans in many grooming aspects. Some may feel hopeless when trying to take care some special cases in grooming such as allergies or tearing stains but Breeder Care Products can solve those issues. Although the little furry kids might be a minority of the world but for us they are more than VIP kids and we will never let them face those many problems alone! Breeder Care™ was founded by Paphunkkorn Kuslopakorn and he has spent so much personal time and dedicated his life to helping all our Breeder Care™ fans around the world.

There are not many grooming products out there that can help those little furry kids so our founder saw a need to start his Miracle Milestone in Exclusive R&D and started the Breeder Care™ Brand. Now we proudly say that our grooming theory and development core is found in every single product. We have adjusted the over-all balance in our full range of grooming products that generally stand in the very top league in the world class level from our very hard work in R&D and clinical testing. We have the bold attitude to take exceptional care and provide advice with our goodwill to help all our Breeder Care™ fans because our founder always says.... "We share the same heart as all little furry kid lovers, and they are more than just pets for us and our families."

It doesn't matter who are you, Professional Breeder, Professional Exhibitor, Veterinary, Pet Lovers, or Newbie, because if you are Breeder Care™ fans, you are always considered a VIP to us. Our position is stated clearly that Breeder Care™ is the Fan's Brand and we will live and move forward in order to support all our fans efforts to make it worth the love and trust that all our fans kindly give us. We humbly take care of and always perceive the value of those small hearts use this passion to provide the most reliable products that are trustworthy with our pure sincerity to pay back our Breeder Care™ fans around the world.

Significantly, if you are here by chance because your good friends recommended us to you, don't forget to thank them for their kindness in sharing and their belief in Breeder Care™. Only those with full love in their heart want to see every single furry kid look their top condition, especially their good friend's kids. This becomes the inspiration for the establishment of our super reliable brand, making it worth our fan's love and trust. This fact also keeps our passion of all particular development in every aspect and all quality control in order to protect our fan's, our reputation, and respect for our professional careers.

The Breeder Care™ super amazing results are tangible, not a mere promise in the clouds or an exaggeration to fake our fans. With our founder’s commitment to meeting the demands of the fans' expectation and by recognizing the importance of Ethical Branding, all stakeholders can take advantage from his hard works in efficient R&D. Every single fan can bring out the effectiveness and efficiency out of every bottle. Together, we can make this investment pay off and our Breeder Care™ Fans from around the world will share the max benefits together.

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