Sa-Was-Dee Khrup our Breeder Care™ Fans Worldwide,

Breeder Care is a high quality supported pet grooming product brand, for over 3 years in more than 40 countries worldwide and created by the visionary leading of our C.E.O. & Founder – Mr.Paphunkkorn

As everyone knows, The United States is one of the country which the best reputation for international brand management due to their reliable and professional internal management and technology. So now is a great time for us today to announce the new launch of the BREEDER CARE, LLC – United States.

BREEDER CARE, LLC will serve our fans with education, support and management functions for the BREEDER CARE GROUP. All the knowledge, How-To, and Procedure Policies will serve our fans and stakeholders on the E-Learning Center making it possible for everyone to reach us at

Our C.E.O. & Founder - Mr.Paphunkkorn shall be as close as a phone call exclusively for our fans to access information at any time, simply provide your order references along with the call.

The Worldwide Toll Free Fan Support Line can be used for asking some questions about grooming, the products or furry kid problems. So eliminate the nervousness of not knowing how to use products or grooming techniques. Breeder Care is always with you at +1-844-8168168 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On behalf of the BREEDER CARE GROUP, I would like to thank you everyone once again for all their support to the BREEDER-CARE™ Brand and we will take care all of our fans' love and trust by making them our first priority. We shall pay back your kind love with our sincere heart, with the best care services and products for all our fans worldwide as always.

Ladies and Gentlemen, BREEDER CARE, LLC – United States
Till we meet again. Love is all around.

Jason Miller
Breeder Care Group's Spokesperson

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