Corporate Visions & Missions

Corporate Visions & Missions

Breeder Care™ Brand, Breeder Care™ Grooming Theory, Breeder Care™ R&D, and Breeder Care™ Products are all dedicated to Breeder Care™ Fans Worldwide. Our goal is to stand up and take care of all of the furry kids around the world, and serve all our Breeder Care™ fans with all our best efforts since we are sharing the same heart of furry kid's lovers.

We believe that all the knowledge that we are provide our fans here will definitely enhance our fan's pet grooming experience. Our Breeder Care™ will quickly improve any grooming session once you spend time to learn and understand this revolution grooming theory.

We would like to reduce the gap between the grooming skill of every new pet lover or newbie by leaving all the grooming to us. All our fans will have more time for caring and developing the bloodline development. It is our dream to equal the playing field in future pet shows by bridging the gap between expert groomers and newbie groomers, thus making the real game about bloodline development.

The full range of grooming products are an exclusive blend under the Breeder Care Theory that balance the formulas according to the core concept in balancing swing rate. Each individual item has been exclusively developed until it is in the top spot of the "Pyramid-Shape Screening" before receiving another double adjustment to the balance spot of each of the other steps. The prerequisite of each conditioned state is extremely advised to follow before improvising all the usage yourself after that.

Corporate Vision Statement:

For Breeder Care™ we might aim not becoming the best pet-grooming brand, but for sure, we never aim to be second one as well. The simple Three-Big-Move on our eagle-eye's time line are;

  • Initial Footprints - During the first 1-3 years of the first half decades, we would like to make sure that all our direct Breeder Care™ fans all around the world will be provided with deep unique information and understand more clearly on the difference between "Yesterday's Decade" and "Today's Decade".

    We prefer to have a firm footprint in our fans' heart rather than making a quick boom and quick gone business. We have invested so much already on the knowledge know-how and R&D included our own revolution theory.

    Breeder Care™ is not just a pet shampoo and products. It is a whole grooming solution system that will lead our own fans to improve their understanding and ability to produce exceptional care to all little furry kids at home. We don't want to see some of our fans wandering in the wrong direction concerning their understanding and the usage of this exclusive development.

    We believe that only the firm basic foundation of the fan's knowledge will create the life-time footprints of the "Breeder Care™ Signature" to this world later on.
  • Grooming Boomers - We would like to thank all our Breeder Care™ fans from all around the world that provide us with such a warm welcome and perceive the value of Breeder Care™. We are developing the system for our fans who would like to participate in affiliate programs and a special fans program for all our supporters in the near future.

    We know exactly that how much those little furry kids means to you. Deciding to have the exclusive Breeder Care™ Brand in your hand already means you want the very best for you pet.
  • Fade Out V.S. Eternity - In every cycle contains the initial moment, the maintain & upturn period, and the downturn. Breeder Care™ is challenging the nature cycle with the best revolution knowledge theory and ethical practice in perceiving all our Breeder Care™ fan's hearts.

    We believe that our efforts today will be the path of the fan's trust with integrity integrated with our strongest ethical sincerity and the utmost extreme passion to take care of all our Breeder Care™ fan's little furry kids that will lead us to eternity.

We value the fan's loves & trust, and will keep moving forward to liberate all the little furry kids from the unexpected irritation that they have been treated as the minority for all the previous decades. And we believe that all our stakeholders will remain on this ethical practice and passion with us to move together forward in the the world and shift up the quality of life of the little furry kids worldwide.

Corporate Mission statement:

In the order to achieve our Initial Footprints; we are developing the E-Learning Center Application for our journey by offering our Breeder Care™ Grooming Theory Manual which will officially introduce all our Breeder Care™ in the coming future. We trust in the power that knowledge creates the "Turning Point" along with the growth of technology in our globalization age of the Digital Broadbrand.

The exclusive brand always has it own exclusive way. Since the Breeder Care™ was born by the fan's love & trust, we will not invest the budget in an abstract direction and come up with something unproven by our fans. With our ethical practice and sincerity, we are not interested in the sweet marketing words that lures our fan's into trustfulness and play around on our fan's heart since our concrete goal is looking for the path to the eternity and creating the Breeder Care™ Signature to all our fans' perception of the Brand Awareness.

As the result of having a clearly direction, this will simply lead us forward to theGrooming Boomers period. All of our Breeder Care™ fans shall receive our sincere culture integration and pass them onto all their beloved friends and the new owners of those little furry kids. It is the best way to provide the pre-knowledge to all new little furry kid's owners wherever they are, and how ever long it takes to ensure those little furry kids are always our beloved kids since the day they were born till forever.

Since Breeder Care™ decided to bring this knowledge up to the worldwide state, grooming is no longer mysterious to all our Breeder Care™ fans around the world. We are sure that our Breeder Care™ fans will be the hope of the next generation and that together we will pass on this goodwill of sharing culture to our good friends and all newbies in order to show our big heart of caring and willingness to see the improvement of their quality of life. Those little furry kids are not able to talk and if we do not care for them and speak for them, we might be the one who get hurt at the end.

Even though the path to the Eternity is still a long journey for us, Breeder Care™ is lucky to have our beloved fans who will always support the Breeder Care™ Brand continuously. We never care how far it is and how hard it is, because in this path to the eternity we are not alone and always full of our good friends sharing a good and bad time together. And we are enjoy every moment in creating the smile in our fans heart that will make us "Look Back" to ourselves and creates a big moral boost to keep walking forward as the "Fade Out" is definitely not our choice.

Message from the C.E.O. & Founder

Breeder Care™ and I would like to thank all our Breeder Care™ Fans around the world, that enjoy this entire journey together with us. One thing we would like our fans to keep in mind is "If you have any trouble with taking care of your little furry kids, please come to us as we will never let you walk alone once you have decided to gave your heart to Breeder Care™. We will walk into the glory on this grooming and caring journey together"!

Without the fans, without the brand... "Love is all around..."

Paphunkkorn Kuslopakorn
C.E.O. & Founder
Breeder Care Group
Breeder Care, LLC. - United States
Breeder Care Co., Ltd. - Thailand

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